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MSL- Just A Natural Lifestyle

MoobelSL Private Limited Company is a developing small Estonian company that has been making handmade solid wood furniture since 2013. MSL, or Mööbel Servamata Lauast has received a name from its original specialization in the use of an unedged table.
 The company developed from the owners’ passionate hobby against woodworking. The hobby,in turn,developed into regular pecking in the eveningsand making larger pieces of furniture in 2010 – a good word has already spread and the first special orders came!
 Time has shown that pursuing a hobby in the evenings was a more profitable income than a day’s paid work. It was also an incentive to take a risk and start producing special style furniture with our own strength and advice.
 Today, we are only specialized in solid wood, next to the unedged table, edged style furniture has been added over the years.

MoobelSL makes handmade solid wood furniture in a unique style.
In order to ensure a perfectly suitable and high-quality product, we work closely with the customer. We provide a professional solution to your vision using high-quality fittings and materials. The service is made even more convenient by the fact that we offer the opportunity for us to deliver and assemble the goods. We mainly supply and install larger orders for bedrooms, and complete solutions with equipment for the kitchen.

Your wishes and thoughts and our implementation ensure the uniqueness and suitability of the product for your living!


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Our values

01. Customer satisfaction

We listen to the client and consider his wishes. We try to help fulfill special requests.

02. Innovation

We look to the future and change with technology.

03. Proximity to nature

Our slogan is: Just a Natural Lifestyle.
Natural wooden furniture is timeless.

04. Skills

Over time, our hobby has become a company and the brand MSL has found its own market.

Our team

Kaspar Kark


Phone: +372 5196 5839
Email: kaspar@msl.ee

Raido Vespere


Phone: ​+372 5373 8213
Email: raido@msl.ee

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