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We make handcrafted solid wood furniture in a unique style

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MoobelSL Private Limited Company is a developing small Estonian company that has been making handmade solid wood furniture since 2013.
MSL, or Mööbel Servamata Lauast has received a name from its original specialization in the use of an unedged table.

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Mööbel Servamata Lauast (MSL) makes handcrafted solid wood furniture in a unique style.
Solid wood furniture gives cosiness and warmth to any atmosphere, which makes it possible to fit the furniture we make into all rooms

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Our product range follows the cleanliness and traditions of natural wood. This is the natural lifestyle: pure and natural.

Dining room

The kitchen is the heart of the home.

Living room

Reflects your family's lifestyle, habits.


Your refuge and temple of the soul.


To have everything in its place.

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